How To Adjust Call Settings in Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung galaxy s3 comes is the most configurable phone in the android list. You no need to go out of the phone since this phone itslef will work fine according to your satisfaction. You can do every work in samsung galaxy s3 including the call settings. If you are confused of how to personalize the call settings in your phone, then follow these simple steps mentioned below.

How to access the call settings:

As like other phones, the call settings in samsung galaxy s3 will not be available in the setings menu. In order to get the call settings application in your phone just go to the phone app.


  •  Press the menu icon that is the button which is at the left of the home screen.
  •  A screen will appear with a list in which you should choose call settings.

How to reject calls:

Almost in all the phones, to reject a call we will press the home button or will go for any other key regardong this function. But this is ultimately different in samsung galaxy s3. To enter into the call rejection menu, you should choose the call rejection tab. There are steps to allot auto reject for certain calls which you think that ther calls are unneccesary. To make this auto reject calss active the auto reject mode must be set ON. If you dont know how to make ceratin calls auto reject then follow the simple steps given below.
1. Just choose the auto reject option

2. After that if you want to assign any number that should be auto rejected then press the + icon.

3. You will be able to see the area where to type the number. Type that particular number in that area.

4. In order to match the number. Choose the match criteria tab so that a list will be appearing with four options with it. Those options are.

  •  Same as
  •  Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Includes

5. After choosing one of the options just save them by choosing the save option which is present in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Now that particular number which you have assigned for auto reject will be rejected automatically.

How to set reject messages:

You can also set reject messages to the person who is about to call but you can’t attend the call at that time. This can be done by you if you follow the below procedure.

  1.  Go to the set reject tab option.
  2. As soon as you go for this option, there will be another screen appearing with messages in default. You can choose any one of the message.
  3. You can also type your own message by heading over to create option available in the same screen. And choosing that create option you can type your reject message.
  4. Then finally you can save it and this will be set as your reject message and this will be sent to the person who is calling you.

How to adjust call alerts:

You can also personalize your Samsung galaxy s3 phone in a way which lets you to know that you are having a incoming call. To do this follow the below steps.
1. Go to the call alert tab.
2. If you need the phone to vibrate when you are calling to the person answers the call then activate the answer call vibration.
3. If you want your phone to vibrate when the person cuts the call then choose end call vibration and activate it.

Here the call status tones are nothing but, they will play a tone when ever a call connects or gets disconnected. It can be also used for the minute minder that is to remind you about the minutes of the call. So to activate this you should go to the call status tone option and then make a tick mark in the box. If you need alerts for everything when you are in a call then make a tick mark in all boxes.
How to answer a call or end a call:

You can also personalize your phone for answering and ending a call. This can be done by you if you follow the below procedures.

  1. Go to the call answering/ending option.
  2. If you want to answer a call by pressing the home key, then make a tick mark near that particular option.
  3.  If you want to use power key to answer a call then make a tick mark near that particular option.
  4.  In this way you can answer a call.

How to off the screen automatically during calls:

You can off the screen when you are on some call. This feature is available in Samsung galaxy s3. That is the phone will have a sensor which will detect and off the screen when the phone is near to your face. To avail this feature just make a tick mark and enable it so that the screen will turn off when you are in any call. Because of this any other application will not be active if you accidently touch the phone with your face.

How to set accessory for call:

If your phone is connected to the handset then you can automatically answer any call. This can be done by making a tick mark near the automatic answering column and this is applicable only if the headset is connected.
It is possible to adjust the delay to answer the calls. This is done for the purpose for you to decide whether to answer the call or to end it. The delay will have many time options with them from 2 to 10 seconds. You can choose any of the option and set it up.
To make calls when the phone is locked then choose the out going call conditions option and then again choose even when the phone is locked. This will be very advantage to the people who are using the blue tooth headset because there may be many situations where you can’t unlock your phone and make a call. So going for this option will be better for the Bluetooth users.
How to use extra volume for calls:

You can enable the extra volume by just making a tick mark near the option so that when ever a call comes you will be able to adjust the volume of the call from the screen.
How to set in – call EQ:

Some of them might be having greater sound hearing capacity in left hear and some might have in right hear. According to this you can adjust the call settings. Some need the calls to be louder and this can also be adjusted. To adjust these settings the following procedures should be done.
1. Go to in- call EQ settings to adjust the call sounds.
2. As soon as doing this there will be options available in which you can choose the best which suits for you nicely.
3. You can also personalize the settings according to your wish.
4. In order to personalize first connect the headset. The headset may be either wired or Bluetooth.
5. Then choose the personalize EQ option. After that go to the start option and press it.
6. After that you should follow the on screen prompts. If you do so the tone will start. Listen to the tone and press when you hear a beep sound or any other sound.
7. Set it as you’re in – call EQ either for your left or right hear according to your wish.

How to increase volume in pocket:

If you have your phone in the pocket or in purse and when a call comes you will not be able to hear the sound. In such cases you can make a tick mark in the option of loud ring so that the phone rings loudly and the sound will be audible to you when the phone is in pocket or purse.
Steps for call forwarding:
If you need to forward your calls to some other phone it can be done by following the below simple steps.
1. Go to the call forwarding option in the settings menu of your phone.
2. In that call forwarding tab there will options like

  •  Always forward
  •  Forward when busy
  • Forward when unanswered
  • Forward when unreachable

3. You can choose any of the options as per your wish and set it up.
4. Now you can forward the calls by setting an input number to which you consider the call to be forwarded.
5. Finally the call will be forwarded to that particular number.

Additional settings:

There are many other additional call settings like call waiting, caller ID settings, and add area code of the number display. To activate call waiting just make a tick mark near that option. You can also adjust the caller ID settings by heading over to the caller ID tab. And if you want to know the area code of the number you can activate it by switching ON the box.
This is how call settings are made in Samsung galaxy s3. You can just try them out and enjoy them by personalizing it according to your wish.

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